why purpose?

  • growing lack of trust in leaders
  • increasing demand for sustainability
  • social injustice making an impact
  • infinite game is inspiring for better
  • social has become personal
  • digital transformation is changing lives

think | act | communicate



mobile first to human first

machine learning to knowing people

profit to purpose

Purpose is the foundation of every experience. It is the underlying essence that makes a brand relevant and necessary.

It is not just nice to have. An authentic corporate purpose is much more than a slogan on a wall or an annual CSR activity.

Corporate and brand purpose is a business imperative. It creates a sense of belonging, guides decisions, and inspires action.

epicworld co-creates purposeful direction for the companies that galvanises people, inspires product innovation and provides meaningful experiences to make the world work better.


Purposeful Strategy

Purpose is the starting point to know the 'WHY'. epicworld has the expertise and the right skillset to unlock the WHY.

Discovery | Workshops | Manifesto

Workplace Culture

Culture brings your purpose close to the people. We understand that organisations don't change behaviour; people do.

Culture Audit | Workplace solutions
Thought Leadership

Brand Building & Development

epicworld has the capability to develop the brand and then bring it to life through purposeful creativity.

Branding | Packaging |
Communication Toolkit

Employee Engagement

Effective engagement increases sense of belonging. We develop bespoke programs to improve employee engagement.

Employer Branding | Employee Engagement

Consumer Commerce

Purpose inspires buying. We create solutions to make people to act and buy through social & retail commerce.

Creative | Retail | Social Commerce

Human Experience

Meaningful human experiences are purpose driven. We dig deep into data & map journeys to provide creative solutions.

Journey Mapping | Initiatives

epicworld works with the specialists

coming from various backgrounds.

epicworld works with

the specialists coming
from various backgrounds.

We work on subject matter experts on sustainability, change management, organisation culture, creative strategy, branding, creative development and design thinking to provide purposeful solutions that result in growth.


become a resilient brand to

solve business problems