Purpose Matters.

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Brands should be driven by purpose to bring their human side and make the world a better place to live. Marketers generally know what they do and how they do it, however when the focus moves from ‘What & How’ to ‘Why’, the results are startling. This is where we see the likes of apple, TOMS, Dove, IBM, Coca Cola, IKEA and Always etc. making a notable difference. The big shift is, these brands are trying to make the world a better place while people are showing the confidence in their products. People are not only buying their range of products but also into a point of view that touches their hearts and minds.

Epic World desires to bring a meaningful difference and offers something more humane to the clients. The intention of ‘Why’ matters the most to strike a chord with the connected consumers and it all starts with a very difficult question, ‘why do we exist’ and ‘what is our purpose’?

Epic World looked into various studies and researches conducted by Deloitte, Millward Brown, Edelman and Google to find the correlation of the profitable brands and their growth. What we observed and noticed was quite remarkable. Purposeful brands outperform the competition by a mile according to all the researches carried out in different times. These brands are seen as more approachable and play an important role in making a difference in the lives of the people while they continue to grow exponentially.

Coming with a Purpose statement of the organisation or a brand is not going to make any meaningful impact with the people, unless the brands are willing to live by it across the stakeholders in everything they do. This is not about a CSR or a sustainability initiative that happens once a year or twice. This is all about doing ‘good’ from the people to the product innovation to the business practice.

Brands have to start living the purpose in everything they do.

Epic World believes in Purposeful Creativity, underpinned by great insights that move and connect people for a better world. These purposeful ideas shape human behavior. We know and completely understand that this connected consumer is extremely discerning. If the brands are not narrating the right human story, it will be quickly replaced by something stronger and more purposeful.

We want to celebrate the human side of the brands to impact behavior and make a difference in the lives of the people by creating ‘purposeful’ movements. Purpose driven movements permeate and spread to create shared values.

Epic World is an incubator for the like-minded people who are driven by the power of ‘Why’. These are the individuals who care for others and bring that out daily as a part of their work ethics. We collaborate with behavioral scientists, creative artists, and tech savvy Millennials, like minded partners to contribute positively in the entire strategic and creative process of living the Purpose.

Epic World is starting its journey in very interesting & changing times. The clients are re-aligning and prioritizing what matters the most to them. We see this situation as an opportunity to play a bigger strategic role compared to the conventional agencies that are channel centric than Purpose driven.

We strongly believe it is high time that advertising and communications of today should bring Purpose in creative ideas to make a positive impact.

Epic World is geared up to drive the purpose movement for the brands and organizations in the region by being humanly centric & creatively intuitive.

@VaquasMunirAlvi is a Founder & Chief Consultant at @EpicWorldGroup


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